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802.1AD have small MTU value

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802.1Q allows to me for use MTU value over 1500 on fragment and network functions normally, transperent. But in 802.1AD this value is 'jammed' on 1430 for me, I tested this with 'ping -s'
Thus, the network doesn't work between two nodes connected over ethernet. I just backed to 802.1Q in config files.


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Suggestion: remove VLANs for routing?

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Suggestion: remove VLANs for routing?

I agree that removing VLANs is better, we had a discussion on libremesh mailing list where there was a problem with a specific device

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Hi Pedro,

Thanks for your comment and the links. Yes, using different VLANs for the routing protocol[s] was cool back when all interfaces were physical (eth0, eth1...) but started to become a mess with eth0.1 and so. 802.1ad VLANs was a good attempt, but drivers support was varied and mostly bad.

I took the decision of not using VLANs (neither 802.1q nor 802.1ad) for routing by default, as you can see in . So, I guess, from qMp v5.0 on, they won't be there anymore.

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