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  • quick mesh project (Desenvolupador, 09-03-2011)
  • CONFINE (Gestor, 20-06-2011)
  • qmpfw (Gestor, Desenvolupador, Informador, 07-10-2011)
  • b6m (Desenvolupador, 05-05-2013)
  • gwck (Informador, 02-06-2013)
  • bmx6 (Gestor, Desenvolupador, Informador, 06-12-2012)
  • synctincvpn (Informador, 11-10-2012)
  • bmx6-luci (Gestor, Desenvolupador, Informador, 07-12-2012)
  • wibed-research (Gestor, Desenvolupador, Informador, 16-02-2013)
  • bmx6-openwrt (Gestor, Desenvolupador, 04-04-2013)
  • memo (Gestor, Desenvolupador, Informador, 11-07-2014)
  • qMp firmware cooker (Gestor, Desenvolupador, Informador, 29-08-2017)


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14:07 qMp firmware cooker Revisió b27bbd83: Fix regex on join packages function
Signed-off-by: p4u <>
14:07 qMp firmware cooker Revisió 2c0f03b4: Remove 'read' merged by mistake
Signed-off-by: p4u <>
14:07 qMp firmware cooker Revisió c748cd1e: update communities repo only when explicit user request
Signed-off-by: p4u <>
14:07 qMp firmware cooker Revisió 7e73dbd2: Implement smart packet merging
User defined extra packages have preference over community and flavor
packages. Related issue #19
Signed-off-by: p4u...
14:07 qMp firmware cooker Revisió 8de2eec5: Update README
Signed-off-by: p4u <>
14:06 qMp firmware cooker Revisió c4c8389f: Changes on packages and extra files management
Merge local files (from files/ directory) with community files.
Allow special PACKAGES file on community profile to s...
14:05 qMp firmware cooker Revisió e80b35a7: Add --update-communities option
Signed-off-by: p4u <>
14:02 qMp firmware cooker Revisió d51b5464: Add option -j<N>, sets number of threads.
Add error check (set -e) when downloading feeds.
Signed-off-by: p4u <>


10:24 bmx6 Revisió 5df23dcd: Update
Add installation instructions for ArchLinux


13:21 qmpfw Revisió 0402c5df: Fix extra packages script

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