Presentation at IS4CWN 2013, Berlin about: Advances of BMX6 Mesh Routing Protocol Online:
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Presentation at IS4CWN 2013, Berlin about:

BMX6 Mesh Routing Protocol
Reclaim Your Mesh – Self-paced Networking in Multilateral Environments

BMX6, the successor of BatMan-eXperimental, is a mesh routing protocol for community networks. Having learned from the shortcomings of commonly used protocols such as OLSR, Babel, and Batman, this relatively young protocol incorporates fundamentally new architectural concepts and mechanisms to address the challenges of wireless community networks. After a short introduction, this presentation will briefly outline BMX6 concepts to address related aspects such as scalability, heterogeneity, performance, self-configuration, and even trust and security. Further, performance measurements based on emulation and community experimentation (e.g. during Wireless Battle Mesh) will be summarized and experiences gathered from real community deployments will be discussed.