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BMX6/7 in LEDE and OpenWRT

Bmx6 and bmx7 are in the routing feed of LEDE and OpenWRT. To install it from a existing system you can use opkg

opkg install bmx6 bmx6-uci-config luci-app-bmx6

Compile it by adding a feed

If you are compiling your own OpenWRT, you can add the routing feed (already enabled by default) which can be found here

Then run "make menuconfig" and select the bmx package in Networking -> Routing and redirection

It is recommended to select also, at least, the uci plugin (bmx6-uci-config)

You can select "luci-app-bmx6" to have a nice web interface for manage and monitorize the routing daemon.

Finally type "make" to build the image.

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