BMX6 evaluation published at CNBuB 2012

This Monday Ester, Leandro, and me presented "An evaluation of BMX6 for Community Wireless Networks" at the CNBuB 2012 in Barcelona. Download the paper and read more...
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Neumann, A, López E, Navarro L. 2012. An evaluation of BMX6 for Community Wireless Networks. International Workshop on Community Networks and Bottom-up-Broadband (CNBuB 2012).

Find the paper here:

Nowadays, a growing number of communities of
citizens build, operate and own open IP-based community wire-
less networks with thousands of low capacity nodes actively
participating in routing the data traffic. This article focuses on
one of their concerns, routing and its scalability, by presenting
BatMan-eXperimental Version 6 (BMX6) and evaluating its
performance. BMX6 is a low overhead and scalable mesh network
routing protocol inspired by human networks. Its performance
is evaluated in comparison with OLSR in terms of overhead
and convergence time as networks grow in number of nodes
and diameter. The results show that the convergence time and
protocol overhead per node in BMX6 is not significantly affected
by the addition of new nodes in contrast with OLSR, where both
parameters can grow super-linearly. This confirms the excellent
scalability of BMX6.